Greetings! I’m Catherine Pierce, LMT and Pilates Instructor/student. This is where I’m supposed to be. I love this place and I share it with Jennifer, Ritz, Stephanie, Jessica & Shanaynay with special apperances from talented wellness gurus.
Let us share it with you.

Located in eclectic east Austin, The Pilates Bungalow offers a bright & beautiful space with a refreshing and supportive atmosphere. We are amply equipped with beautiful Pilates equipment, an infrared sauna, two wonderful massage rooms, showers, and an on-site skincare spa.

My passions are fun and pleasure. I love laughing, relishing in the joys of meeting new people, and exchanging new ideas. Knowing that physical fitness is a prerequisite to happiness, I am determined to welcome anyone and everyone to discover the fitness and self-care practices that I find effective and fufilling under one roof.

I conceptualized a place where you can go to have fun, sweat, appreciate & enhance your beauty & of course, relax. Soak in the fun surroundings & stay a while.

This bright home is my happy place. I invite anyone who struggles to maintain a workout regimen to make the bungalow their own. Come here to celebrate who you are now – today - not after you lose your muffin top. Here I’ve brought together a group of trainers with expertise, dedication & their own personal experiences to help others evolve and change.

Leave your baggage at the door. Come here to embrace the present moment with movement, music, comradery, and positivity. The bungalow can also be a place to wind down and let Stephanie pamper you with a facial, makeover, waxing or peel. Relax in our far infarred sauna,  then roll on to the massage table for a tandem synchronized massage in which you’ll have four hands on you for an hour instead of two.

We’re all in this journey together and I am eager to celebrate  our spirit through the body & aesthetics. 
My happy place is your happy place.

See you soon!

Alternative workspaces available within The Pilates Bungalow- available now!

Established Massage Therapist or Wellness Practitioners:
This room features a private bath and armoire that is a display area, ideally for retail. Would make an ideal art studio & alternative workspace. 1-40 hrs. a week! The Pilates Bungalow currently includes a fully equiped Balanced Body studio, Ashiatsu bars, Aesthetics Spa and designated indoor /outdoor lounging areas. Our Happy Place welcomes wellness minded individuals to share our treasure!
Schedule an interview & take a look!

Your Happy Place!

2104 East Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, ATX 78702
- Street Parking on Coleto or Alamo -