Reputation, Credibility, Experience, Availability & Professionalism.      

Reputation, Credibility, Experience, Availability & Professionalism.



"Working out with Catherine is a very special experience. 

She is impeccable with technique, form, and maintaining her equipment and grogeous facilities. 
She also has a real gift of touch - this can be felt in her alignments during your workout and in her massage sessions. 

What makes her so once-in-a-lifetime, however, is the presence she brings with her personality. You may never have met someone so in-tune, so charming and funny. Her cueing and descriptions, at times profound ("we're moving in and out like the tide"), at times hilarious ("bounce like a baby in Johnny Jump-up!") are different every time and make the difference between pushing through a rote workout and getting super fit with a fun and gifted coach.

Catherine is in her element with this work, and her clients benefit from that passion in mind and body. After Pilates with Catherine I experience a new awareness of my body in space, a brighter mood and calmer mind, and I can say my figure never looked nearly as good as it did as when I worked out with her on a regular basis (I no longer live in Austin). She toned muscles I didn't know I had and I felt confident with my lower body for the first time in my life,

The experience ends up being something between a workout, bodywork, and a hangout with a friend."





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